Another try at a hyperlapse today

Spur of the moment, got the idea while running errands today. Decided to do one while I was waiting to leave school today. Recorded for a few minutes before the bus arrived, then recorded the whole bus trip back to my side of town. Whole thing shot at 1FPS on my phone using Framelapse pro.

From Bakersfield College to my side of town.

My first attempt at a hyperlapse video

More info in the Youtube about section of video

Quick post on my new toys

2014-08-16 00.19.36-2

I got a blue tooth remote for my cellphone today. Did a test with it using my recently acquired monopod with cellphone dock.

Video of myself at my parents house. Used the cellphone monopod along with the Bluetooth remote.


My new hiking ultra light backpack.

Here’s video of unpacking it today.

This was recorded on my Sony camera, with new connector to hot-shoe adaptor, which I mounted one of my video lights on. 
2014-08-16 00.54.47

Rooted my LG G2

Recently took the time to root my LG G2. I wanted to root it to try out Pirate Box for Android. The pirate box didn’t quite work out for me. However I also found I could change the stock camera to a replacement since my phone was rooted. I heard the LG G2 was capable of recording high speed videos and higher resolutions than what is available on the stock camera. My past couple posts have been evidence of this.

Anyways, asides from my goal of posting to this blog more often, I also wanted to share a couple of pictures from the root and replacement camera.

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Slo-mo scenes from my parent’s house on Father’s Day

Just a few clips I put together. Added in music that was “safe for use” on YouTube, that Google gave me.  The higher frame rates with the music seem somewhat calming.  A nice end to father’s day.  Really glad I edited out the normal audio track from the video. Sounds like sad souls trying to escape my recording medium.

It’s weird looking because of the different frame rates. I’m also not happy with how much express compression YouTube adds to videos

Testing out 120FPS 720P video on my LG G2

Test video filmed at 120FPS rendered in Sony Vegas to output as 24FPS video.

Got the replacement camera mod for my phone tonight. Got it working and it took me a while and some reading why the videos were not looking or sounding like slo-mo to me even though the files said they were recorded at 120FPS. Just needed some video editing. Thanks to the advice of the XDA forums.
I actually don’t know all the technical details about the video I’m uploading currently. I just know it was shot at 720P at 120FPS. I did a few other test videos, but this is my video editor test of correcting the video look and sound.